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  Chapter News & Updates

Fall 2022 - Welcome!

After a bit of a COVID-19 "bump," we are restarting our chapter, starting with our first Virtual "Career Cafe" on Sept. 28 at 12 pm.  We copied this idea from our fabulous colleagues at the opposite of the country, the Maine Career Development Association. As we build interest and get more feedback, we hope to make this more frequent, and offer CEU credit.

I also want to hold one in-person event before the end of 2022.

I'm also excited about the one-time, 50% off Career Development Training coming up in January, co-taught by my GCDF instructor Kate Duttro, formerly from UW (see our photo at right). Chuck Zimchek from CWU is teaching too - Kate and Chuck are both are warm, fun, smart folks who I'm sure will make it a great, informative class. Sign up to be notified with more info when its ready.

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to meeting you! Juliet

Juliet Jones-Vlasceanu, GCDF, JD, chapter chair, julietjones@careerkey.org

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PSCDA and WCDA Merger

As of April 2018, the Puget Sound Career Development Association is now a regional chapter of the Washington Career Development Association. 

As a chapter, we also get together have fun at NCDA annual conferences! Here, Kate Duttro and Juliet Jones explore Houston's local food at NCDA's 2019 conference.

  The Puget Sound WCDA's Story

The Puget Sound Career Development Association was formed 30 years ago by four Seattle-area career professionals who wanted to promote our profession.  The idea for the organization was hatched on a cocktail napkin!  Really!

Thanks to the past chapter board leaders for all their hard work and support: Angela Engel, Cal Crow, Bill Gregory, Brad McGuire.

Now, in 2022, let's see what happens next!

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