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Looking to take a more active role with WCDA?

Check out our list of current committees accepting member contributors below

Join the WCDA Membership Committee!

The WCDA Membership committee overseas the recruitment and retention of our WCDA members.  Activities can include keeping track of state and regional membership numbers, create initiatives to reach out to potential members, and surveying existing members on how WCDA can help better serve them.

 To get involved or request more information, contact Chuck Zimchek at victor.zimchek@cwu.edu

Join the WCDA Communications and Technology Committee!

The WCDA Communications and Technology Committee is responsible for our quarterly newsletters, announcements, maintaining the WCDA website, managing files and any other technical or communications-related topics.

 To get involved or request more information, contact Juliet Jones-Vlasceanu at julietjones@careerkey.org

Join the WCDA Events Committee!

The WCDA Events Committee overseas the planning, scheduling and management of WCDA events like the Professional Development Institute, webinars and any other events.

 To get involved or request more information, contact Casey Ball at caseylball02@gmail.com

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